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News 4th Int Marble Sculpture Symposium Thassos


modern sculptureThe non profit organization Art Logos organizes every 2 years the International Symposium on Marble Sculpture in the island of Thassos.

Its aim is to make the neat white crystalline marble of Thassos known, through the carving of sculpture works which will remain in the carving place forming sculpture parks. Many visitors can discover the Art surrounded by the natural insular scenery and the formation of stone to sculpture which comes from the earth.

The International Symposium on Marble Sculpture is organized every 2 years by the president of the non profit organization Art Logos Emmy Varouxaki, a woman of art who is inspired by her homeland, the knowledge of History and the unceasing touch with the Art and the yearning for the well finished work.

Mrs. Varouxaki is also running a marble sculpture workshop from 01/08/2006 to 10/09/2006 close to the small picturesque village of Skala Kalirahis, which is located in the north-west part of the island of Thassos, only a few km away from the famous Thassos marble quarries.

During the workshop, students will live great experience, as the workshop is often an international mix that makes it very pleasant and dynamic. Students will also be able to take advantage of the many outdoors activities that the region offers such as swimming, hiking, and excursions.

The non profit organization Art Logos also organizes art exhibitions and organizes lectures, seminaries, open discourses, conferences, music concerts… and promotes and develops cultural events not only in Greece but also abroad.


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