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Emmy Varouxaki is a descendant of Eftychios Lampidis and Eleni Vernicou.
The Lampidis family started from Emmanuel and Eumorphia Lambous, who had 7 children (Sotiris, Dimitros, Thodoros, Athina, Panagiota and Eftychios). The first three of them immigrated to the United States in 1922 while Eftychios moved to Paris in order to study medicine in 1930. Eumorphia (Emmy) Varouxaki and Manolis Lampidis are descendants of Eftychios Lampidis and Eleni Vernicou.

Born in Athens, she studied History and Archaeology at the Athens University. She graduated from the same university. During her studies she worked for the Greek Radio performing several musical programs as well as artistic and educative issues broadcasted in Greece and abroad.
From 1969 to 1974 she lived in Cologne, West Germany where she turned into the study of modern art and regularly attended the great artistic events as KUNSTMESSE, the DOCUMENTA and the FIAC in Paris as well as the international fairs in both Berlin and Amsterdam.
In 1973 she organizes the first exhibition in Cologne, presenting Greek painters; Pavlos Moschides and Sotiris Sorogas at the GLAUB I and II galleries.
From 1974-1979 she lives in Rome and she studies History Art at the University of Rome by the side of Carlo Argan. She meets with Giorgio de Chirico. She translates his autobiography in Greek (Ypsilon Editions) and writes several articles about his art.
1979-1983: She lives in Athens and she directs the edition of the STORIA E CIVILTA DEI GRECI historical series by the Hestia Editions House. She has also translated the book of Konstandinos Gianakopoulos “Byzantium and the West” from the English.
1983-1984. She lives in Luxembourg.
1986. She settles in Brussels for seven years’ time. She attends Modern Art History courses at the ULB under the supervising of Professor Roberts Jones. She begins to write articles on modern art issues for the IKASTIKA and TETARTO magazines.
She organizes a series of Greek painters’ works exhibitions and composes the texts for the catalogues.
1987. The exhibition of Angelos Razis at ALBERT 1 Gallery.
On the same year, the exhibition of Stephanos Daskalakis at the KNOKKE LE ZOUT Casino.
1987. The exhibition of Christos Karras at the BP GALLERY in Brussels an simultaneously at the homonymous gallery in Anvers.
1987. Exhibition of the painter Cynesius at the ARCADE MAUVE Gallery in Brussels.
Exhibition of Kostas Varotsos at the RUBEN FORNI Gallery in Brussels.
1988. Exhibition of Rinio Mourelou at the X-PLUS Gallery in Brussels.
1987 to 1989: she directs the BEAULEZARD Gallery in Paris (Rue Pecqay) in Marais which she renames into ATHENAEUM. She organizes many exhibitions presenting European artists. She begins with the exhibition of Tsoklis and goes on with Villegle, Martinez, Bonanotte, Viollet, Vordonis, Dumas, De Rosa, Senez, Bourlier etc.
1989. She introduces artists of the Gallery to a exhibition in Brussels called “Europe 1980”.
1990. She returns to Greece. On the same year she organizes an exhibition presenting Dimitris Mitaras at the ALBERT 1 Gallery in Brussels.
1991. Exhibition of Rena Papaspyrou at the X-PLUS Gallery in Brussels.
1992. DE EUROPA exhibiton about young European artists in cooperation with the famous Italian critic Achille Bonito Oliva with three Greek artists of her selection: Lappas, Aidinis and Varotsos at the Cultural Centre of Municipality of Athens (1, Akademias str.)
1993. She organizes the first Symposium on Marble Sculpture in Thassos Island, with 19 participating artists working on over 100 tons of marble and donating, after her own initiative, their works to the island.
1994. She organizes in Hydra the triple exhibition “Tour in Hydra” with 7 participating young artists: Georgiou, Vordoni, Kapeliari, Kontarini, Mavros and Tsakiridi.
1995. She prepares the exhibition at the PALAZZO DELLE ESPOSIZIONI Museum in Rome with the participation of 12 Greek artists whom hereafter she intends to have them exhibited in Madrid and Tel-Aviv. Title of the exhibition: “The Messengers of Gods”.
1997. The “Messaggeri degli Dei” exhibition at the Pallazo delle Esposizioni is realized, accompanied by the publishing of a catalogue in three languages and documents by A. Bonito Oliva, Maria Grazia Tolemeo and Ludovico Pratesi and an introductory note by herself.
1998. After a preparation of two year’s time, she succeeds in the exchange of Greek and Israeli artists between the National Gallery and the Tel-Aviv Museum, where her husband serves as an ambassador for 4 and a half years; 3 generations of Greeks and Israeli artists are exhibited at the two museums and two catalogues are published containing her commentary.
1998. She has the great Israeli painter and sculptor Menashe Kadishman exhibited at the Greek Embassy in Tel-Aviv.
She realizes the exhibition of Erietta Vordoni at the MANNY H Gallery, at the old city of Tel-Aviv.
2000. After her husband’s mission in the Hague, she took over the restoration of the Greek Embassy building (donation to Eleftherios Venizelos) which was utterly destroyed by the Kurds. She and her husband decorate it from the very beginning purchasing works by greek painters and sculptors to suit the place.
She prepared the 2nd Symposium on Marble Sculpture in Thassos, on the Kalirachi beach with the participation of Dutch, Belgian and Greek sculptors. At the same time she organizes concerts of Greek musicians.
In 2000, she realizes a Mediterranean evening at the Royal Theatre of the Hague with Savina Yianatou performing and with the participation of the French, the Portuguese and the Moroccan Embassy, bands coming from Corsica, Fados from Portugal and andaluz from Maroc participating.
2003. She prepares the 3rd Symposium on Marble Sculpture in Thassos with the participation of French, Belgian, Japanese, one Austrian and 5 Greeks. She starts thinking about the foundation of a summer sculpture academy observing the great interest of the visitors.
She prepares a concert of ancient Greek songs and modern music performed by Maria Farantouri at the new Carlsrberg Glyptotheque in Copenhagen.
Also a concert of rebetiko performed by Mario at the Palace of Baron Erlanger in Sidi-bou-Said, Tunisia.
Concert performed by Christy Stassinopoulou at the FLAGEY theatre in Brussels under preparation.
Regarding the musical events she prepares video documents to be broadcasted by the European Television stations entitled “Music in select art places

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